Post Indicator Valve – Grooved

  • Sizes available (Nominal) :2”/DN50, 2½”/DN65, 3”/DN80, 4”/DN100, 5”/DN125, 6”/DN150, 8”/DN200, 10”/DN250 and 12”/DN300
  • Working pressure  :21 bar (300 psi)
  • Seat type : Resilient wedge
  • Finish : Fusion bonded epoxy coated internal and external
  • Connections : Grooved metric or AWWA C606 standard 
  • Specifications : Design and dimensions conform to AWWA C515
  • Operation :For use with IPV or IPW indicator posts
  • Remark :No post flange supplied with 2”, 2½” & 3”, and size 2” is FM approved only and size 5” is UL listed only

Gate valves are manually operated multi-turn valves and are opened by a handwheel or other operating device, generally in a counter clockwise direction and then closed clockwise.



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