SecuriFire 2000

  • Lightning-fast detection of incipient fires
  • Modular and decentralised architecture
  • Up to 4 addressable loops (totalling 14,000 m) with up to 1,000 elements per system
  • Fully redundant software design for permanent availability
  • Simple planning and programming
  • Backward and forward compatible
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Complies with the highest safety standards
  • Interfaces to the outside and to superordinate systems
  • Compact design

The compact SecuriFire 2000 fire alarm control panel controls the system components and evaluates the detector data, either centralised or decentralised in the control panels networked in the SecuriLan. The detectors, the wide range of different input/output modules and the special detectors communicate directly with the control panel via the SecuriLineeXtended. Even already installed Securiton detectors can be integrated into a SecuriFire system problem-free. Thanks to the system design, SecuriFire 2000 is also tested and approved as a control panel for single-zone extinguishing systems (EN 12094-1 compliant).

Technical data SCP-20XX  
230 VAC +15%/-20% Mains voltage
47-63 Hz Frequency
160W Power consumption max.
4A Output current
12V/17Ah Batteries (largest): 2 pieces in series
IP 30 Protection class
-5°/+50°C Ambient temperature
26.3 VDC (+50°C) - 28.3 VDC (0°C) Output voltage
74mA Quiescent current (w/o oper. panel, w/o printer)
5-95% Rel. air humidity: without condensation
400×445×150 mm/8kg Dimensions (H×W×D)/Weight of basic version (without batteries)


Technical data SecuriLineeXtended  
250max./Automatic Number of addresses
3500m Ring circuit length
531 Backwards compatibility to series
> 300 mA Short-circuit detection
24 VDC Rated operating voltage
-4 SecuriLineeXtended
< 100sec. Starting/repairing time


Technical data SecuriLan  
RS 485, TCP/IP Bus technology
2500 kBit/s Data transfer
32 max. Number of participants on the SecuriLan
16 max./31 max. Number of centrals/Number of external operating panels
24 VDC Rated operating voltage
Cat 5 UTP RS 485 Cable (without power supply
1.2 km max. Length, between 2 participants
62.5/125 µm Cable (without power supply)
50/125 µm Multimode/MTRJ
2 km max./10 km max. Length, Multimode/Length, Singlemode
9/125 µm Cable (without power supply), Singlemode/LC 2×5


Product summary  
B6-SCP2010 SecuriFire 2000 basic version
B6-SCP2020 SecuriFire 2000 basic version, with built-in operating panel MIC11
B6-SCP2030 SecuriFire 2000 basic version, with built-in operating panel MIC11 and printer
B6-SCP2040 SecuriFire 2000 basic version, with built-in operating panel MIC11, printer and cut-out for EPI devices or Ext. Zone panel
B6-SCP2050 SecuriFire 2000 basic version, with built-in operating panel MIC11 and control map and cut-out for EPI device or one-sector extinguishing display



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