SecuriStar SCD 563

  • Smoke detector compliant with EN 54-7 
  • Temperature-supported scattered light principle 
  • Digital signal processing
  • Collective addressing

The SCD 563 provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. Light transmitters and receivers are arranged at right angles in the sampling chamber to prevent the light beam of the transmitter from striking the receiver directly. First, the smoke-scattered light (Tyndall effect) reaches the receiver and is then converted into an electrical signal. If it reaches the alarm value, an alarm is sent automatically to the control unit. A pre-warning stage constantly monitors the detector and signals any dirt or an internal fault by means of a flashing alarm indicator. This self-monitoring feature guarantees that the detector functions optimally. Detector sensitivity adapts to the prevailing ambient temperatures in the area.

Technical data  
24 VDC Operating voltage
18 to 30 VDC Permitted voltage range
120 µA Operating current, quiescent (max.)
22,5 mA Operating current, alarm (max.)
EN 54-7 Standards
LED red Individual display
6,8 V/5 mA External display

-25°C to +60°C

10 to 95%

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature range

Constant relative humidity

IP 44 Protection class
White Colour
ABS/PC Housing material
125g Weight


Product summary  
SCD 563 Scattered-light smoke detector
USB 501-1 Universal SecuriStar base



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