SecuriStar MCD 573 X-SP

  • Combined smoke and heat detector in compliance with EN 54-5/7/29 
  • Integrated sounder according to EN 54-3, volume up to 92 dB(A) 
  • Optimal sensitivity thanks to Cubus levelling 
  • High false-alarm security thanks to temperature-supported smoke alarm evaluation 
  • Integrated voice evacuation 
  • Uninterrupted audible alarm transmission

The MCD 573X-SP is a combined fire detector: the temperature-supported smoke sensor provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. Smoke sensitivity adapts to the prevailing ambient conditions in the area and automatically regulates smoke sensitivity (Cubus levelling). The heat sensor also detects fires with no smoke development when fires break out rapidly with high temperatures. The smoke detection system provides two programmable pre-signal levels. Heat detection can be set to classes A1, A2 and B, each combinable with the index S or R. Smoke and heat can be evaluated either independently or as a combined algorithm (smoke and temperature). Optimum operability is guaranteed through self-monitoring, the two-stage contamination display, and alarm threshold tracking.

Technical data  
24 VDC Operating voltage
12to 31 VDC Permitted voltage range
150 µA Operating current, quiescent (max.)
20 mA Operating current, alarm (max.)
EN 54-3/5/7/29 Standards
LED red Individual display
5,0 V / 5 mA/1 mA/0,1mA External display
92/81/69 dB(A) Sounder volume
-25°C to +60°C

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature range

10...95% Short-term relative humidity
70% Constant relative humidity
White Colour
ABS/PC Housing material
133g Weight


Product summary  
MCD 573X-SP Combined smoke and heat detector with integrated sounder and voice evacuation
MCD 573X-SPCT Combined smoke and heat detector with integrated sounder and voice evacuation for uninterruptible alerting
USB 501-1/-6 Universal SecuriStar base



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