Genius H and Genius HX

  • Permanently fitted 10-year battery 
  • Real-alarm guarantee 
  • VdS-approved in compliance with DIN EN14604 
  • Application in accordance with DIN 14676 
  • Complies with the requirements of the state building regulations 
  • Single-hole or two-hole mounting 
  • Adhesive mounting (VdS-approved) 
  • Dismantling detection (seal) 
  • «Battery Low» signal suppressed during night hours 
  • Alarm memory 
  • Dirt/dust compensation 
  • Muting circuit 
  • Genius Hx: interface for radio module 
  • Genius Hx: second battery for radio module 
  • Genius Hx: difficult ambient conditions such as frost-free cellars and attics, stairways

The Genius H and Genius Hx smoke detectors are used for the early detection of smoke in private homes or in buildings used for similar residential purposes. They give people an early warning in case of danger, with the integrated hooter providing an acoustic alarm.

In an emergency the Genius H/Hx initiates a combined audible and optical signal. A unique innovation is the signal tone: different high and low frequencies ensure that the human ear hears the tone.

State-of-the-art smoke detector technology and an optimally designed housing enable the Genius H/Hx to adapt to the ambient temperature and react intuitively to its surroundings. False alarms which may be due to fluctuations in the ambient temperature as well as operation errors are a thing of the past with the Genius H/Hx.

Genius H/Hx Technical data  
G 209178/applied for VdS device approval for Genius H/Hx
3.6V/2.2 Ah lithium Power supply, thionyl chloride, permanently fitted
Typically 10 years Battery life
Alarm Frequency-optimised for the human ear
85 dB (A) (3 m) Sound pressure
Day/night detection Automatic using real-time clock
Theft protection/removal detection Optional, by means of a seal
0 °C to +55 °C Ambient operating temperature
-10 °C to +60 °C Storage temperature
Max. 70% rel. humidity Ambient condition: continuous humidity, without condensation
Automatic adjustment By means of an integrated temperature sensor
IP 40 Protection glass
Ral 9010 Pure white, similar
PC-ABS Material
48 × 104 mm Dimensions (H × Ø)
143 g/162 g Genius H/Genius Hx weight
Environmentally compliant disposal Regulated via EAR


Additional technical data for Genius Hx  
3.6 V/2.2 Ah Power supply: additional battery for external modules, e.g. radio module permanently fitted inside the detector
Interface For communication and power supply of external modules such as Basic or Pro radio module
Processor Larger memory than in the Genius H
Event memory From radio module and smoke detector with time stamp


Order data  
Genius H 239 151
Genius Hx 239 160



Set of adhesive pads for Genius

H/Hx, 10 pads


Set of adhesive pads for Genius

H/Hx, 100 pads

Set of seals for Genius H/Hx, 32 seals 31-4100003-01-01



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