FOGEX® Water Mist Fire Protection System – High Pressure

  • Small diameter pipe down to 9mm bore
  • Small nozzle fittings 3/8”
  • Stainless steel pipe & fittings
  • Flow rates per nozzle as low as 3.4 LPM to 22LPM
  • Fog-like distribution achieves entrainment in recessed areas
  • Minimal water quantity
  • Long retention (no need for room sealing)
  • Versatility of design (flow quantities,system types, location of water tank)

High-Pressure > 35 bars

  • FOGEX is a 100-120 bar system 
  • Mist generated by water flowing through small orifices 
  • Droplet size 1 to 100 microns ( average 50 microns )

FOGEX has been tested in accordance with IMO Guidelines MSC/Circ. 668/728, MSC/Circ. 1165 for use in machinery spaces and cargo pump rooms (upto 4,000m³), IMO MSC/Circ. 913 for local applications and Factory Mutual Research Corporation combustion turbines, machinery spaces, and special hazard machinery spaces for enclosures up to 500m³. 



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