CS-Safety M H

Safety Control Module

General Description

The CS-Safety M H module is intended to be used as a part of a fire or gas detection system and is suitable for use in SIL 1 and SIL 2 environments.

The CS-Safety M H is an interface module and data collector for all CS-Loop M H modules in a fire detection system designed to comply with the standards for the industrial, maritime, offshore and rolling stock markets up to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2).

The CS-Safety M H supports both single and redundant setups.


  • An xFire signal input
  • An SSP bus for communication with the CS-Loop M H and other CS-Safety M H modules
  • Two redundant 24 VDC power inputs
  • Three relay outputs reserved for signaling the fire, fault and disablement condition
  • An Ethernet interface for external protocols (SSPxt)

For details on assembling a system and definitions of common system terms, please see the Installation & Commissioning manual.

The CS-Safety M H module consists of two products, the CS-Safety M and the CS-Housing H, which can be ordered separately as spare parts.



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