Input/Output Loop Unit

General Description

The CS-IC22 WP is an input and output unit for various integration of safety inputs/outputs. It has been designed for use in harsh environments and to comply with the standards for the industrial, maritime, offshore and rolling stock markets up to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2).

The CS-IC22 WP has two inputs that can be connected to external equipment with a dry relay contact. The CS-IC22 WP supervises the cable to the external equipment for cable break and short circuit, and the inputs can be configured as active high or active low. The function of the inputs can be configured to be:

  • a general input
  • a fault
  • an alarm from a manual call point
  • an alarm from a smoke sensor
  • an alarm from a heat sensor
  • an alarm from a flame sensor
  • an alive signal (output)

The CS-IC22 WP can control and monitor external devices, such as fire doors, fire dampers, sprinklers, hatches etc. The outputs on the CS-IC22 WP can be configured to be activated when there is a fire, fault, disablement or input condition locally on the loop-line.


  • Two dry relay contact outputs, used as safety relays for external control
  • Two configurable I/O – they can either be ‘remote indication’ outputs, alive signals or dry contact inputs
  • Handling of short circuits and cable breaks on the loop-line



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